Clear Cached files using Custom Purge

we want to clear the cache file and fetch a new file from the server, for that we perform a custom purge but still we are getting cache file from the server.
kindly provide a solution.

Thank You.

Is it possible that your browser is also caching the file?

Try incognito mode.

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when downloading image in android application also get cache file.

Can you post a sample URL which has the cached file?

β€œ” URL use in-app for download zip file but we are getting old zip data.
below is original S3 server URL ,using this we are getting update zip file.

Your file has been cached for 2 days 5 hours:


What if you try to purge the URL again? Let us know once you perform the purge.

thanks for solution.

Now I see MISS:


So I assume that now it is working as expected?

yes, now it’s working

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