Clear cache or not? Cloudflare pages

Hello everyone!
I have some websites hosted on cloudflare pages… and others on other hosting providers.
My query is… when I update the websites that reside in providers external to cloudflare, to view the changes I clean the cache.
With the websites hosted on cloudflare pages, do I have to clear the cache too? (because the modifications in webs in pages are propagated without clearing cache in my case…)

No, you don’t have to worry about it with Pages as long as you don’t add any extra caching options. If you do turn on extra caching options, you may have to clear the cache – but don’t turn those options on as they are not necessary with Pages. Just let Pages handle the caching.

That is not what I have found by testing. I deploy Pages with updates to my JavaScript modules. The updates are served if I visit the (origin server), but Cloudflare sits in front of that and handles its own cache. The updates to the modules are not served on my custom domain (public server), unless I clear the Cloudflare cache.

Alternately, I can leave the site in Development mode to achieve the same.