Clear cache of my DNS

Well, I have a problem with my subdomain. In my hosting server support told me that I have to clear Cloudflare cahce. Could you please help me do this because I have no idea of this…?

If it’s the cache for the contents of your site, you can do that from

If it’s the DNS records of your site, you can type the hostname in here:

But it’s probably not that, as Cloudflare DNS updates every 5 minutes.

Well, I purged cache. Now how much should I wait until my site will start working?

I don’t know… The support agent told me that. I will try that and see what will happen.

When did you move your domain to Cloudflare (change the NS)? This might be what your provider was talking about. This can be very quick or take a bit longer, depending on the ISP settings. If you posted the domain it would be easier to check.

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I did it about 4 days ago.

You could let us know the domain name. You could also visit DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup ( and enter the domain name and select NS to see if that has correctly changed to the Cloudflare servers first.

the domain name is

The tickets subdomain returns a 526 error. That means your host does not have it properly configured for HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

So, what should I do now?

Ask your host if that subdomain has a valid SSL/TLS certificate.

Alright then… Something last if you don’t mind. I purged the cache of the subdomain Does this affect the cache of the main page (

If you did a Purge Everything, it would clear the cache of the main site. But that’s just temporary. The cache will begin to repopulate soon.

This doesn’t mean I lose website data with the cache, right?

No, you won’t lose website data when clearing cache. Cache is only a temporary storage space between the origin (your server) and the client (browser).

Not at all. At worst, the first few visitors will get slightly slower responses from your site.

Perfect, that’s good news. Thank you!

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