Clear Cache - Configuration issues

I am having website issues when I try to create a new Page. BlueHost told me to clear my Cloudfare cache (someone set this up for me a few weeks ago - I’m not a techie). BlueHost cleared my DNS cache.

Followed help document ( provided by Bluehost, however I do not see CACHE in the Configuration at the top of my Cloudfare account. I’ve got Home - Members - Audit Log - Billing - Configurations - Notifications - Registrar.

Then I did a diagnostic and received these errors:

Check DNSSEC configuration: no_dnssec_found

The site does not have any DNSSEC records.

Check DS record configuration

The hostname has no DS records.

Check site speed (TTFB)

The response was slower than 800ms and the requested resource is cacheable on Cloudflare.

I have contacted the original tech guy but it’s 1 AM his time. I have no idea where to start. Happy to follow step-by-step instructions if there are some.

Also curious how often I need to clear Cloudfare cache? It wasn’t mentioned when he set it up.

You first need to click on your domain in the list at

If you want to work on your site, I suggest you put your domain into “Development Mode”.

Thanks, I did find out how to get to my account dashboard after I posted. Appreciate your response!

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