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Hello. I was surprised that Google does not display my pages in the search. It turns out that CloudFlare blocked all Google servers. How can I clear the entire list of bot blocks?

DId you add some countries (USA, Russia, China …) in your custom-made Firewall Rules?

Actually cannot, rather navigate to your Firewall Rules for your domain under the Cloudflare Dashboard and re-check them.

Toggle off / disable or modify your Firewall Rules per need.

Regarding Google servers, does this refer to Google indexing and crawling or some other product like Google Cloud Platform (VMs)?

Furthermore, may I ask what is the goal and what you want to achieve for your domain?
You want Google to index & crawl your domain / Website and also stay protected from other “bad-bots” or something else?

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Yes, that’s right, I want Google to index and crawl my website and also stay protected from other bad bots. In the Firewall, I enabled bot protection to prevent bad bots from breaking the site. How can I enable this, but leave indexing from search engines?

Can someone help with this?(

By default, all the Bot Management features treat Verified Bots (like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.) as if they are special, and bot management does not apply to them. If you have your own firewall rules you need to use the Known Bot field, such as:

(ip.geoip.asnum in {65536} and not

That rule will block all traffic from the listed ASN, unless it is a verified bot.

Other than DDOS, Cloudflare does not block anything by default. They provide a set of tools you can configure to allow or block any particular traffic. For the traffic being blocked in the image above, what is the Expression?

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