Clear, assessible instructions to remove Cloudflare from computer/mobile

Imagine Cloudflare produced cars instead of cybersecurity. Promising the safest auto on the road, offering the smoothest ride @ high speeds & the best anti-theft protection on the market @ an amazing price, but didn’t work out all kinks before putting their product on our streets. Issues like: denies access to certain streets & neighborhoods (blocks access to websites & internet fxns) or refuses to connect to the fuel/battery (fails to connect to the internet) or blocks refueling/maintenance (blocks updates). After experiencing these problems the owner contacts customer service only to be redirected to other car owners instead of the manufacturer (subject matter experts). Product insecurity is so great manufacturer refuses to provide instructions on how to return the car when it threatens the owner’s ability to perform important everyday tasks. Purchasing a car that severely limits the owner’s ability to drive, is like using cybersecurity the severely limits the owner’s ability to access the internet.
Blocking access to the internet would be more secure than allowing access but that would be overkill & I hope that’s not Cloudflare’s strategy (but where are the clear accessible instructions for removal?). Before Cloudflare, I was always able to correct connection issues, I could always find a way to safely access a website. I use my computer every day to perform important & necessary tasks, the problems related to Cloudflare (w/no accessible solutions) create a worse situation than any cyber situation. What Cloudflare is promising isn’t worth losing internet &/or website access. Please, can you give me instructions on how to 1st delete Cloudflare from my computer then permanently delete my account & data from Cloudflare’s webpage. Thx

@myodoc sorry to hear you’re having issues. It’s not clear exactly what you’re asking about here.

If you are having issues reaching a site behind Cloudflare that could be related to the site owners configurations. That’s not something we can help w/ directly because they own their own configuration and can choose to implement policies as needed.

If this is regarding some other general issue or issues w/ a site that you own we’re happy to help track this down. Please do provide any relevant details to your issue.

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