Hi, I have a wordpress website I searched the treats but not a clean answer to my problem. The https doesn’t work. on mozila http doesnt work neither. I have installed the cloudflare plugin but no difference. website is can anyone help please? getting frustrated with this. thanks.

PS: I have another website which works perfectly. all settings are same. I cant figure out whats wrong with Ive done it myself and Ive done same thing for both websites. both on one hosting. both on one hosting provider. thanks

I bet your server doesn’t have a valid TLS/SSL certificate for your website. See if cPanel will let you add one. If not, ask your host for help.

Sometimes cPanel will let you install your own cert, and Cloudflare can provide a private one that will work. This tutorial covers cPanel, which is what GoDaddy uses:

Easy fix. Install “Really Simple SSL” wordpress plugin .


In cloudflare what SSL setting do you use for each site?

I did and the website doesnt come up its messed up now and even crazydomains can not solve the problem. it forces the https for some reason. and doesnt even let the website come up. thanks a lot

I used the default setting, same as my other websites. Now I installed the plugin “Really Simple SSL” and the whole website is down. For some reason the back up I had has disappeared! and its bad man! this is terrible. I dont even have the content of the website anywhere stored.

Thanks but the problem is far beyond that now. I installed “Really Simple SSL” and the website is down. Im literally freaking out cuz the hosting support team cant figure this out.

UPDATE: Thanks guys, I did a bunch of coding and managed to solve the problem, while level 3 support guys at crazydomain couldnt! rising my self confidence now. good to know some coding in these situations. thanks, SOLVED!

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