Clean Post Request

Hi, i am using Cloudflare’s Cloudflare Tunnel for my domain and all works well.
All works except one thing…i have a ipcamera that send me a POST on webhook url, but that post it’s not correct like standards…
they send a post like
POST http:// url/api/webhook/imou_life_webhook HTTP/1.1
but correct post is without url after post
POST /api/webhook/imou_life_webhook HTTP/1.1
I noticed that thing because if i put a nginx proxy in front and i can log all request.
My question is:
with nginx i can recived that POST because reverse proxy “clean” request and accept, but with Cloudflare tunnel only, i can’t because this inccorect request is rejected.
There are some settings in Cloudflare dashboard that can “clean” and accept that request?
(meanwhile I’m also trying to contact the camera manufacturer)

If you did this, you forced the device to send the request in that way, as that is a traditional proxy request, including the full URL.

However I am not entirely sure where Tunnel comes in here, as you are referring to sending a request, not receiving it. The Cloudflare proxies do support that request notion and properly normalise the request before forwarding it, so that should not be the issue either.

What’s the actual issue? There’s a reason why there is Community Tip - What to include in your post?

You’ll be referring to, but as I mentioned earlier

that won’t be the issue. Even if the proxies got such a request (which they probably won’t), they will still handle and forward it. So assuming you are saying you are having issues when receiving requests (as opposed to sending them), that will not be so much an issue with the request but probably rather with your Tunnel configuration.

Maybe try first without the tunnel and use the tunnel only when everything works, respectively check your server as well your Tunnel log.

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