Clarify Load Balancer Billing

Just found the KB article for Load Balancer Billing and I am a bit confused as to the billing based on origins and region based subscription Any clarification would be great :slight_smile:

My current account with load balancer enabled was with the early private beta testing of the Traffic Manager API, so not sure when I will be billed or for how much ?

I have currently the following for this 1 domain enabled with Load balancer(s)

  • 3 load balancers, 2 created during beta testing pure API setups and 3rd one created in GUI dashboard to test how to use the GUI method
  • The 2x load balancers created during beta API testing have setup geo-steering across 11 of the 13 geo regions with 1x pool within each geo region and the same 8x pools assigned across those 11 geo regions. So for the 2x load balancers, I am using 2x11 = 22 geo regions with 2x 8 = 16 pools and 2x 8 = 16 origins. There is only 8x pools just assigned across both loadbalancer’s 11 geo regions. So if you count unique pools there is only 8x pools used for the 11 geo regions and default pool.
  • 3rd load balancer only has created the default origin pool from existing pool with 1x origin assigned
  • Monitor’s healthcheck intervals are 15s with 5s timeout and 2 retries - there’s 2 monitors created one active in use and other just created for testing - both created during beta API testing
  • DNS queries wise, traffic is close to nothing as it’s on a test domain

How much does Load Balancing cost?

Load Balancing subscriptions begin at $5 - $50 per month, based on your selected subscription options. The number of origins, health check frequency, the number of regions checked from and geo-routing can be configured to fit your specific requirements. The $5 subscription allows you to configure 2 origins, 60 second health checks and checks from two (2) regions: ideal for straightforward load balancing or failover.

In addition to the monthly subscription, we will count the number of DNS requests (“queries”) for each configured Load Balancer, per month. The first 500,000 queries, shared across all Load Balancers in your account, are free: additional usage beyond this is charged at 50 cents per 500,000 queries, rounded up to the next 500k queries.

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Early Access customers should have received an email clarifying how we’ll transition you from Early Access to a subscription (note: purely opt-in, but there’s a deadline).

If you don’t have the email I sent to you on April 18th, please open a Support ticket and we’ll re-send :slight_smile:


Thanks @msilverlock looks like i didn’t get t that email so will contact support

edit: i see a ticket in my Cloudflare support for it but searching my email inbox and spam i don’t have it apparently - so looks like you sent out but i didn’t receive it :slight_smile:

Many of you also had (or have!) questions about pricing—here’s the short version:

It will be available to all of our self-serve plans (from Free through Business)
The base price starts at $5/month plus usage (measured in DNS queries per month), and allows you to configure 2 servers and health check every 60 seconds from one region.
The first 500k DNS queries per month (across all of your domains) is included: usage above that will be billed at 50c per 500k DNS queries.
If you need faster health checks (and failover), to configure more than 2 origin servers, or geographically route traffic to multiple locations, you can quickly configure these, with an additional cost per option, up to $60/month in total. The options include:

Number of origin servers: you can configure up to 6 origin servers, and we’ll handle failover & health checking for these, automatically. 4 origins are +$10 over the base price and 6 origins are +$15.
Health check interval: start at 60 seconds, and you can opt-in to 30 second (+$10) or 15 second intervals (+$15) to improve failover response times.
Health check regions: We’ll health check from 1 geographic region, and you can add additional health check regions for improved failover granularity - e.g. if we detect a failure routing to your origin servers in Europe, North America or Oceania don’t have to follow suit unless they also detect problems. 4 regions (+$10) and 8 regions (+$15).
Geo-routing: Opt-in to geo-routing if you need to keep route users based on their geographic location for performance. This is a flat +$10/month regardless of how many regions you configure.
As an example: if you need geo-routing but only have 4 servers, you’ll pay $5 (base) + $10 (4 origins) + $10 (geo-routing) = $25/month + your DNS query usage.

Enterprise customers will be able to run 5 second health checks, configure tens of origin servers, and run health checks from every Cloudflare region (13) or datacenter (83 of them, today) for fine-grained failover.

I guess my usage wouldn’t be possible as non-Enterprise plan user as i have

  • 8 origins used across 11 geo regions
  • non-enterprise is limited to 6 origins and 8 health check regions
  • so non-enterprise cost for 6 origins max = $15/month + 15s interval $15/month + max 8 health check regions $15/month + Geo routing $10/month = $55/month as i understand it ?

That’s quite a bit more than my current AWS Route53 Geo Latency DNS set up on the same amount of origins (slightly more origins on Route53) with 2.5 million geo latency dns queries/month at ~US$23/month and Constellix DNS Geo-Proximity is around US$16/month