Clarification on Unique Visitors

I can’t find the answer to this; does the “Unique Visitors” property include bots and visitors that were blocked by a WAF rule?

I’d like to be able to use some of this data with my advertisers, but need to make sure that what I’m saying is accurate.

Unlike analytical tools like Google Analytics which only tracks non-loggedin users (in most setups) , Cloudflare actually tracks every request that is handled by Cloudflare proxy. So, be it the real users or bots your unique visitor count will reflect the unique IP addresses that accessed your website regardless of whether they are longged-in or non logged-in sessions, bots or any kins other kind of tool. As a result you will see data discrapency between the data shown by your Google Analytics or other analytics tools vs Cloudflare - as Cloudflare will track all requests but these tools won’t.

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