Clarification on R2 Operations class


I have spent the last hour trying to determine if downloads count as an operation/transaction on an R2 bucket.

This may be a simple question however I am perplexed if downloading an object using a direct link counts as a Class B operation? I know using the GET/POST calls through the API do, but does direct linking to an object (and the end user downloading the object) count as an operation?

e.g → would a user navigating to this page and browser automatically downloading count as an operation in terms of billing?

Again, I have tried to determine using the online metrics but can’t due to the amount of files I am already processing in to the bucket.

Thanks for the help.

Yes, you’ll get charged for downloading a PDF. That’s a Read (Class B).

The blog simplifies it a bit:

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Thanks for the additional information and linking to the blog post, it really made it clearer if hotlinking counts as a read (as compared to GetObject() for example).

TLDR: Directly linking to a file on a bucket does count as a Class B action, even if you do not use GetObject().

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