Clarification on Plan benefits

I have few questions which Community members help me to understand better

What is the difference between cache reserve plan and business plan

On business plan will we get guarantied full page cache

Can i opt for cache reserve plan while i am in free plan

Hi there, thanks for your questions!

A Business plan applies to a zone and contains multiple benefits and access to extra features, these are listed here:

While a Cache Reserve plan is charged as a separate add-on subscriptionn and includes persistent data storage for your cached assets:

No. Caching is never guaranteed as assets can expire naturally before their TTL according to access patterns. The closest you can get is Cache Reserver which will keep the asset fresh in persistent storage as long as it is accessed once every 30 days. You should combine this with a high Edge TTL for best results, and purge cache when the site changes.

Yes, you can subscribe to Cache Reserve as an add-on to any plan level, including freee.

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