Clarification on passing mp4 through cloudflare network (uncached)


We are almost ready to start a tube-site with lots of high-quality mp4 videos.
My question is whether it is allowed to run them through CF network?
They will be uncached obviously but we’d like to keep the orange cloud on the subdomain to protect the IP address. Is passing 2TB of uncached bandwidth through CF network allowed? We are using the Business plan if it matters.

We also looked at some of the tube sites that currently use CloudFlare and can see they all run the mp4’s through CF network. bdsmstreak is one example. The mp4’s are hosted on the main domain itself (and not subdomain) and it runs through CF network which means TB’s on bandwidth per day.

Any ideas?


That is something best to be clarified with Cloudflare directly. In that way you will also have a confirmation in writing. Just open a support ticket.