Clarification on domain transfers

Reading the doc at
and navigating to the Domains dialog, the only domain there is our “live” domain for which we are using Cloudflare for DNS and CDN.

Meanwhile we’re sitting on some alternate domain names, with some simply forward to our primary domain and others doing nothing at all.

I can see no way to transfer these alternate domains and I’m guessing that we have to “buy” Cloudflare DNS/CDN at $20/month in order to transfer the domains to Cloudflare.

Is this really the case?

Alternatively, can I add these domains by simply signing them up using the “Free” plan and then do the domain transfer?


No, it isnt. You simply need to move the domain over to Cloudflare’s DNS, but thats it. You can easily run them on the Free plan.

Hi Sandro,

So I first add each domain using the “Add a Site” dialog and choose the Free Plan option and once that is done I do the domain transfer. Is this correct?

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You add the domain like you would add any domain. Once the domain is properly configured for Cloudflare you can transfer it, given it is eligible for transfer.

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Well this is annoying. In order to transfer, the domain must first be “live” on Cloudflare so I have to go back to my existing registrar and reconfigure the nameservers there and then come back to Cloudflare to compete the activation process. Only then can I begin the domain transfer process. I guess that this is, in part, why Cloudflare is not yet set up to serve as a real registrar.

Probably not an option, but just mentioning it nonetheless -> Registrar Availability for Enterprise Accounts