Clarification of billing for minutes viewed (CF Stream)

I have some video content that I want to move away from Vimeo, and I’ve been considering Cloudflare Stream. But before I dive in I want to be crystal clear about Stream’s pricing model, particularly with regard to minutes viewed.

I understanding that the number of minutes viewed per month is rounded to the nearest 1000 minutes. But I;m not sure if I’ve got the right model in my head for 'number of minutes viewed;. Does it mean:

  1. The total number of minutes viewed by all viewers? That is, if I have 3 visitors to my site and they each watch 3 minutes that makes 9 aggregated minutes viewed per month (rounded up to 1000 minutes)?

  2. Or does it mean that each continuous block of viewed minutes is counted as ‘minutes viewed’, meaning if 3 site visitors (or it could be the same visitor) watches 3 videos continuously each of those continuous blocks is counted as a ‘minutes viewed’ block, and gets rounded up to 1000 minutes? Which would then mean 9000 minutes viewed per month? Quite a difference, and one which would make CF Stream no longer an option for me.

Maybe the second model doesn’t actually make sense, and I’m overthinking this… But I’d appreciate some clarification, since I don’t want to dive in and get a nasty surprise on my monthly bill!!!

Many thanks,