Clarification for Nameserver chnage

Hello I would appreciate if anyone can suggest to me a possible solution to this.

Some months ago when my site was on Blogger platform I added it to cloudflare but later I had to upgrade my site to WordPress which I changed the nameserver of my domain from cloudflare Nameserver to that of my host, later on after installation of WordPress I decided to add my site back to cloudflare but the problem now is that I can’t access my cloudflare account of which I have also lost access to the email I used during sign up.

Now I created another cloudflare account just to add my site and it stated that my site is already registered with another cloudflare user. Please I want a possible solution to this

Hi there,

Can I get you to try again?

If you’re still having an issue if you can create a support ticket and quote the ticket number here. We will then move this conversation to the support ticket.

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