Clarification about loadbalancing


I’m a bit confused regarding the costs of load balancing. I understand that there is a basic cost + DNS queries to your domain. I find it hard to understand why CloudFlare is looking at the DNS queries because this can be manipulated by third parties.

For example: lets say i’m running a domain and script kiddies are attacking the domain with an small botnet of 500 unique IP’s by sending HTTP requests to it. CloudFlare can simple absorb this traffic with the edge nodes but if I have a load balancer enabled on the domain this would costs me fast amounts of money. Even though the traffic is all absorbed by the edge nodes and i’m guessing it wont even hit the loadbalancers.

Am I understanding this correctly or am I missing something?

This is pretty similar to how others bill for load balancing. Cloudflare load balancing is available both for :orange: and :grey: records. :grey: records never traverse Cloudflare’s network. DNS queries <> HTTP requests so you’re not being billed on those http requests themselves either way.

What counts as ‘usage’ for Load Balancing?

Usage is counted as authoritative DNS queries against Cloudflare’s name servers for each of the Load Balanced hostnames you have configured.

You can reduce the number of authoritative DNS queries by configuring your Load Balancer as “proxied” (orange cloud) for your HTTP(S) services, which will set the external DNS TTL to 5 minutes, maintain failover performance equivalent with very short DNS TTLs. Read more about the benefits of proxied (orange cloud) vs. unproxied (grey cloud).

DNS resolvers typically cache DNS queries based on the TTLs.

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