.city Domain Transfer

Hi I am trying to transfer a .city domain. I have two already transferred and can buy new ones but the last one I want to transfer says it is a premium domain and will not let me transfer. It is no different that the other two .city domains I already transferred. Please advise as I am up for renewal how I can get this corrected and get the domain off the premium list.

I’ve seen that come up here before, not anything cf can do about it, they are passing it along at cost and as such do not deal in premium domains. A :search: on premium domains in the registrar category will give more details.

You should renew the domain with your current Registrar. Any domain with non-standard pricing is deemed Premium (even if the premium domain is cheaper than standard)


It has been mentioned on the Blog that:

We’re also planning to support premium (non-standard) priced domains, as well as Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

but no ETA is known.


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