Cipher Suites for Pro Plan

I am considering to upgrade from Free Plan to Pro plan with Universal SSL Cert. Cloud anyone share SSL Labs report for Cipher Suites for any website that use Pro Plan with Universal SSL Cert? Just would like to confirm that which Cipher Suites will be enabled more for Pro Plan (i.e. RSA) vs Free Plan.

Thank you very much for your help.

The plan has no influence on the Universal certificate. If you want to customise certificate related settings you’d have to upgrade to an ACM certificate for $10/month. That you can do on the free plan as well.

Based on this url below, there is a dffierent between Free and Pro plan for RSA. I would like to confirm if Cipher Suites will be different as well for Pro plan vs Free Plan.

If you are only after RSA, then yes, it would seem as if that was available on paid plans.

You’ll find domains by plan level at and randomly checking it would seem as if RSA is enabled.

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Thank you so much! Now I can see what cipher suites provided for Pro Plan with Universal SSL :slight_smile:

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