CI for workers

Is there a cli or endpoint to deploy new versions of workers? Would be great if we could deploy new version of the workers through CI.

Yes! You can read more about the Worker API here: Cloudflare API Documentation

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have great working examples with Webpack!

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I’m honestly flattered and terrified that devs are forking my scrappy little build & deploy setup :see_no_evil: Either way, I’m not one to ignore an obvious pain point when there’s no real solution on the radar…

This morning I released a very beta Cloudflare Worker Webpack Plugin. Definitely still scrappy, but the groundwork is there for automating worker script edge-deployment and route pattern management :sunglasses:

I’ll make an official community post once I’ve cleaned it up and tested more; in the meantime @webchad and @anderly any initial feedback would be fantastic if you find time.

Long term, this is just one part of a broader e2e, CFW-centric webpack tooling setup. Maybe the Cloudflarians would even be on board - nothing seems to grow a dev community around new tech faster than a rock-solid boilerplate to hack away at :nerd_face:


Delivered: a thing to do the stuff!