Chromes future cross-site cookie support warning

I’m not much into cookies and the underlying tech of cms/wordpress/framework/whatever.

It came to my attention recently, working with Elementor plugin on my Wordpress CMS, that it might be using CloudFlare as a security service somehow, as i have not been installing any plugin from CloudFlare myself (At least not to my knowledge ;-). Nevermind, this is not the main reason for this reachout attempt!

It’s just meant as a heads up! And the concerned staff is probably already aware!

In any case Mozilla Chrome is reporting this warning on my site: (Image extraction attached)

Mozilla Chrome Cross-site coockie warning

You might want to implement this setting, if it at all matters!? Sorry ahead! I didn’t have time to check if this has already been submitted and are unaware of the propper forum channel to submit this info, as i am not qualified (As Bruce would say :wink:

With the hope this could in any way serve as a helpful resource for the duly concerned…

Merry Christmas and a Happy NYE!

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