Chrome download problem while opening the site

On all 3 websites, when the page is opened, a file is downloaded as “chrome” and the website does not open.
The download link is as follows.
I had to remove 2 sites from claudflare. I’m still having problems with A plugin is also not installed in Claudflare
Can you support?

Hello there,

It sounds like your Cloudflare account has been hacked/comprimised and a redirect rule has been added.

Secure your account, and then check your Audit Log and undo any unauthorized changes.

You can find Redirect Rules on your website/zone, under Rules → Redirect Rules, or at Delete any you don’t recognize.

PS: please remove the link to the file, which is most likely a malicious payload.


Thank you very much for your contact. I did what you said fixed it. Thanks


Please, do this, too.

I removed the link and it seems fixed. But I wonder if there is a deficiency in that I cannot see. Can you see? Thanks.

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I’m not able to look into your account, I’m not staff.

I made the corrections you mentioned. Thank you very much.

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