Chrome / Safari deprecated invisible.js

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When logged in the courses/videos are available to view and play for persons who have unlocked the membership (paid)

I have turned off Bot fight mode and it works as advertised. With Bot fight mode turned on and logged in as member, Developer tools threw the warning “Depracated - invisble.js” and this was evident in the console coming from /cgi/cdn (Cloudflare).

I can’t turn bot fight mode back on although I’d like to but it was interrupting sessions for the clients paying customers.

The client noticed the same behaviour in Safari.

Thanks for any insight you might provide that this is a known issue. :slight_smile:

I don’t think all of invisible.js is deprecated. There may be a call in there that is.

Other than that warning, is something not working?

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The content that is restricted by the plugin is not available to those it should be so, yes, that is not working when Bot Fight Mode is turned on.

Thanks for the attention to this @sdayman

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