Chrome only 'Not Secure' website

I have both and set up with free cloudflare to always serve https only in “full mode” as they will both be e-commerce sites, and https between the two is best. I also have, what will be required later TLS 1.2 minimum with TLS 1.3 maximum enabled.
Microsoft edge on Windows 7, Safari on MacOS, and FireFox browsers for both Mac and Windows 7 redirect to https// with padlocks.
In Google Chrome, entering both HTTP and HTTPS both end up with fully encrypted but not secure warning. In other words Not Secure, but double clicking on the site yields a grayed-out https://

I’m guessing I must doing something wrong, but I don’t know what it is.

I’m using Brave, built on Chromium, and both sites show as secure with HTTPS. Though they both have a “Coming back soon” message.

“Coming back soon” is true, a placeholder. Glad to know Brave is working. Another browser with secure and https. Thanks. “Google Chrome” running is up-to-date at Version 83.0.4103.116 in “About Google Chrome”. It’s running on the latest update MacOSX, so maybe there is something weird with MacOS.
The same Google Chrome version running on Windows 7 is just showing a locked padlock like the other browsers are doing between Windows and Mac.

See if you can get any more hints out of Chrome. Like Developer mode (F12 to open) and check Console for messages, and Network for response codes. I’d also expect the padlock/Not Secure area to offer more explanation as to why it’s Not Secure if you clicked on it.

Thanks! F12 told be Chrome thought there was an injection of cross-site image and scripting which was the SEM toolbar operating in the browser. When I disable SEM toolbar for both domains on the MacOSx and then reloaded both, the problem is fixed in Mac running the straight .html page. So F12 inspecting elements told me the elements was the bar that was the problem. It thought the tool bar was part of the page.

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