Chrome Mobile - Home Page Menu Broken

Just finished setting up CF on our website CF’s Diagnostic Center says All OK.

I’m not a developer, could say I’m a couple notches above novice. It’s a WP site.

On a desktop, using private/icognito pages in both Chrome and FF the site works fine. as well as an Android tablet.

HOWEVER, on a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, on both wifi and Verizon, in both Chrome & FF, the Home page (only) Menu is broken. Tapping on the Menu on Home page does nothing. If I follow a link on the home page to another in-site page, the menu works fine on other pages. It’s broken ONLY on the Home page.

Note: yesterday, before configuring CF, it worked fine. All I’ve done today is configure CF and make it’s required NS changes, etc.

Any advice sincerely appreciated.


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