Chrome is blocking R2 public downloads

I am using R2 to serve linked files via my Shopify store.
Since Chrome Version 114.0.5735.198 , the Chrome browser blocks downloads saying they are unsafe.

Is there something I can do?

Firefox downloads the same links without a problem

Are you talking about the subdomain public access? If you are, those really aren’t recommended for production, they are rate limited and only meant for development purposes.
Use a Custom Domain (Public buckets · Cloudflare R2 docs), which allows you to hook up your R2 bucket to your own domain and serve it from there.

If you are already using an R2 Custom Domain, then it might be worth checking SafeSearch for your domain: Google Transparency Report

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Sorry if this is obvious, but if I have one domain, which redirects to my site


and I set the custom domain for R2 to be , will this break the DNS for my main site?

It wouldn’t, just make sure when you add the custom domain to specify that subdomain, ex:

Then you can access files in your bucket under it, just like you did with your
You may want to create a Cache Rule as well, (Hostname equals and force edge caching for it, to ensure all your bucket objects are forced to be cached, if they can be.

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