Chrome gives cloudflare Error 524 for every page of our website but only on chrome

Some, but not many, users get a cloudflare error for every page of our website other than the home page. so our site is unusable for those users (which includes me). Everyone else, the site is 100% fine, fast and have never seen a cloudflare error. The error is:

Error 524 Ray ID: 583bf9631d05ce6f • 2020-04-14 08:14:36 UTC

A timeout occurred

Out of the blue, I found a partial fix.

In chrome, if you open incognito mode, then hit clear site data, suddenly the site is back to normal - 100% working.

But opening a window not in incognito mode gives the cloudflare errors 100% of the time again.

The only chrome plugin I have is lastpass.

What is chrome doing that causes cloudflare to time out with 524 errors?

This problem has been ongoing for some time.

It would help if you posted a URL to test. 5xx errors come from the server, so if you’re lucky, someone can track down those requests and see why they’re timing out.

Thanks sdayman. The website is only open to whitelisted IPs unfortunately (its our QA version of our site), so I cant give you the URL. If you dont have a white listed ip, the server just response with a simple text message saying you dont have access (done with a .net web.config setting).

Today I noticed that the site doesnt work from android browser either. 100% of the time get the above error.

It works fine for most poeple, but for some it never works, always this cloudflare error for no reason.

Thanks for the link, but there was nothing helpful or relevant unfortunatley.

  1. the server is hardly used, and is working perfectly and instantly for everyone except a few individuals who get the time outs most or all of the time. The server is fast, and always response in milliseconds (its only serving content)
  2. The people who are seeing this problem are using fixed IPs which noone else is using, so there is no rate limiting possible.
  3. We are not allowed to see our cloudflare dasyboard, as its managed by EPiServer.

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