Chrome Extension by CF


One of the most needed actions is to purge CF cache, but not always you wish to do all the process of login to the CF and navigating to the cache page and then purging it.

I found one Google Chrome extension to do this, “CloudFlare Purge Plugin” or “CF-Purge”

But I don’t know if I can trust such extensions, if they really ask for only the minimal needed permissions, if they don’t take my API access and use it for some unknown goals.

So, it will be best if CF itself will develop and publish such extension (and possibly parallel plug-in for Firefox), that we will trust its source and that it will do the work.


The makers of that extension did add API token support so that you can limit it to purging cache and not, say changing DNS

As for safety, the extension is open-source and, at first glance, it doesn’t look like it’s sending off your API key to a remote server or anything, so at least for now it’s fine to use.


They ask for an “Edit” permission to the “Zone settings”, is that really needed? looks too much to me, no?

Also, is there a way to verify that the raw code we see is actually the code that was compiled to be used at the actual extension that I install?