Chrome compatibility

Is this compatible with my Chromebook?

You just need to setup the and as your DNS Server.

You can either do this on your router or assign a static LAN IP to your chrome book and add the above DNS servers to the network settings.

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thanks, but not being a techie, I’m afraid I’d screw it up. was hoping for an easy fix!

I am sorry, but there is no other way on Android or ChromeOS :-/

I happen to have a handful of Chromebooks home this weekend.

I’m logged in, so I go to Settings :gear:, and the top of the page is Network, so I see my connected WiFi: HOMENETWORK (or whatever it’s called). clicking around on my WiFi settings opens up a section that shows my IP address, Advanced, Network, and Proxy. Opening the Network section shows Name Servers at the bottom. Select “Custom name servers” and enter and