Chrome 93 AVIF CDN-CGI issues

There seems to be a problem with cloudflare cdn-cgi automatic image resizer:

cdn-cgi broken with format=auto in chrome version 93

Working url on Chrome 92: CDN_DOMAIN/cdn-cgi/image/width=960,fit=contain,quality=85,format=auto/some_image.png

Broken on Chrome 93: CDN_DOMAIN/cdn-cgi/image/width=960,fit=contain,quality=85,format=auto/some_image.png

Working on Chrome 93 (removed format=auto): CDN_DOMAIN/cdn-cgi/image/width=960,fit=contain,quality=85/some_image.png

The AVIF formats are somehow not serving correctly. Anyone else experiencing the same?

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Actually just realised its the avif image format no longer supported by Chrome 93. properly.

Yes, this looks to be an issue that will be fixed with

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Hello Chris,

Do you know if it will be fixed quickly ? Otherwise we’ll have to find a workaround and release a new version of by the end of the day…


We contacted @Cloudflare support who indicated Chrome will fix in their next release, but AVIF should not be served by the image optimiser to browsers accepting headers with AVIF support with this bug. They did not give us any release time.

We opted for a release on our platform (1M+ broken images is not an option). And are building our own image optimiser on the edge making avif configurable.

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Please note that we released a fix:


Hi all,

We have recently been experiencing some problems with animated gifs converted to AVIF through Cloudflare Image Resizing: we were using format=auto to get the most optimised version of an image and resulted AVIF image didn’t contain the original animation. When I check it now I can see that this is no longer the case — the CDN now returns WebP, so the animation is working again. However, if you try to explicitly set the format to avif, the animation breaks.

original image:


I found this thread and I was wondering if these issues are related.

Thank you!

Hi @molefrog we have stopped format=auto from selecting AVIF for the time being until we can fix the compliance issue with the AVIF. Chrome are fixing their intolerance to it, here:

If you are testing format=avif with the impacted version of Chrome, you will still see rendering issues. The Chromium bug above will resolve that.

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