Choosing pre-paid plans


Our organization has 3 ISP with real IP. Two web-sites are currently running in domain:


Site # 2 requires (all 3 sections):

  1. DDoS protection
  2. SSL certificate (to run HTTPS). Custom SSL is not required at this time.
  3. Load balancing (auto-switch to next ISP, when one of ISP’s are off-line)

Now we’re using Free Cloudflare account.

What pre-paid plan(s), or what payments (in Free account) do we have to make to protect our Site #2 from DDoS, improve SSL and enable load balancing?

According to failover:

Basic Load Balancing

Allows you to load balance & failover across up to 2 origin servers from 1 geographic region. Cloudflare will automatically check the health of your servers every 60 seconds.

The first 500,000 queries, shared across all Load Balancers in your account, are free. Additional usage beyond that is charged at 50 cents per 500,000 requests per enabled hostname and billed at the end of each month.

As we understand 5$/month is not complete payment, it varies from traffic load. Is there any plan without traffic limitations in failover?

There is currently no plan or option that grants unlimited requests in load balancing.

Thank you for answer.

Well then, is there any information, what does “query” to website mean for Cloudflare? For example: user navigates pages, uploads content, visits pages, downloads dynamical content, etc… - all these actions are queries? Or “queries” counts by something like HTTPS-sessions? Or something else?

A query is an DNS query for the load balancer’s subdomain, and due to how DNS servers cache responses you will generally never get close to this, especially if the subdomain it’s used on is :orange:. More information at

Thanks again.
As I understand if I enable load-balancing for all our domain “example . com”, queries for all our servers in domain will be counted? Or I can enable it directly for server “sub . example . com” and don’t use it to other servers in domain (and queries to only “sub . example . com” will be only counted)?

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