Choosing and Deleting DNS Records

I am getting started with Cloudfare and I am not sure what I need to do with all the records detected.
I need cloudfare only for the main website domain … and I don’t want to use it with subdomains, emails even if these fields where detected by cloudfare.
What should I do? Should I delete them? Can I do that?

In this picture you can see what I would like to keep and I would I like to delete, but I am not sure if I can do that.

Thanks for anyone willing to help

In that case you can probably really remove all other records and only keep the A record for the naked domain and the CNAME record for www.

You could first export the records, so you have a backup should you need to restore a record.

Dear Sandro, thanks for your answer … but just to make it clear … I don’t want to delete them from my hosting provider … I need to have them …just not to have them managed via cloudfare.
So what happens if I delete them from my cloudfare account? I mean, will they still be there in the hosting provider … sorry this may sound like a stupid question but I had a doubt since you wrote to keep a backup.
Thank you

I am not sure about your question. Your DNS records are completely managed by Cloudflare, so whatever you have on your hosting provider does not really matter at this point. You can leave them at your hosting provider, but whatever you have configured there won’t resolve anyhow.

Ok, so this can’t work for me … I don’t want Cloudfare to manage all of them … but I can’t delete them of course … so I guess I can not use Cloudfare at all

Then you have to remove your domain from Cloudflare. The moment you switched to Cloudflare, Cloudflare is your sole DNS authority.

Ok thanks for the explanation … I thought I could choose which DNS manage with Cloudfare and which not…

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