@Choon, Error Message

Hi there! :slight_smile:Im a Artist @CHOON.co & can not reach them the at Time…Error Message-Screenshot.
Can anybody tell me whats wrong & when they will be online again?
(p.s.:No need to explain me again the Error Message :slight_smile: Thx a lot!)


Why you don’t check first with the owners of the website choon.co? Either their server is down, or they have some incorrect DNS settings.

wow! THX sooo much for this great advice…but you seriously can imagine that i tried this already.
And if they have any incorrect settings, if they down ect. i cant tell you…(im only worried about my blockchain earnings there)
But because i get this error-message from cloudflare & the service of choon is running here i thought maybe i can get here the needed informations…
Thx anyway, so far…

kind regards