Chinese visitors can't open my site without a VPN

Hello there,

My nameserver was settled on Hostgator, everything was fine before I added the website into Cloudflare.

After I added the website to Cloudflare, Chinese visitors can’t visit the site and the following error has been shown:
This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in


The domain having a problem is;

Any help or idea would be super appreciated.

Thanks for reading my post.

This record resolves just fine for me locally and worldwide:

So you might need to check again - if you still see the issue it’s likely local to you. You might want to try clearing your DNS cache:

Thanks for your replying;

I have found the problem,

When I turn on the SSL/TSL encryption, the Chinese visitors will be unable to visit my website, yet when I turn off the SSL/TSL encryption, they can visit the website again.

Are there any possible reasons or solutions to solve this problem?

Thank you very much!

Make sure your website is already working in HTTPS before you add Cloudflare.

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What do you have your Minimum TLS Version (SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates) set as? If it’s 1.3, try lowering it to 1.2 to see if that’ll work.

Thank you mate, the problem has been solved!

You are amazing!

I turned off the TLS 1.3 and then switched it to 1.0, it works for the IP from China.

Yet, then I turn on the TLS 1.3 and switched the TLS to 1.3, it still works.

Weird, none of the other parameters have been changed.

Anyway, the TLS 1.3 works for now, but I can’t figure out how did that work.

Thanks for your opinion, super helpful, appreciated.

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