China Telecom HTTP Redirect of

I’m starting this new thread about the matter of web traffic to on China Telecom ISP being redirected to an anti-fraud page. Is anyone at Cloudflare aware of this yet and taking any action to get it resolved?

Here’s a screen recording from an iPad.

Can you visit ?

Yes, and is not blocked.

I am not looking for support, I just want to ask Cloudflare if they are doing anything about this. I’ll speak publicly so they won’t just ignore me for 4+ months like they did with being down since November.

I think you should be complaining to your ISP not Cloudflare since they are the ones doing this

I am not complaining, it really doesn’t matter to me. I just want to make the issue known to Cloudflare if they aren’t already aware or push them to take action if they aren’t bothering to do anything about it.

Seems that is blocked in both China Telecom Fiber networking and its cellular networking. I can no longer access from either my computer or my mobile phone. still works.

I can confirm that the issue I reported here a week ago is still happening. Yes still working.

I don’t think Cloudflare has anyone responsible of the China region because all the issues I’ve reported for a year haven’t been actioned, even the simple things that should only take 1-2 days to get fixed through the relevant channels are just getting ignored and not actioned.

I could be wrong, maybe Cloudflare does have someone or even a whole department dedicated to China, but they could just be completely incompetent at their jobs. Their staff in Beijing seem to be oblivious :person_shrugging:

Are you in Sichuan? or are you somewhere else also experiencing this issue?

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