China origin access

Hi, I am setting up load balancers to improve the performance for our Chinese users. We have a set of servers in Hong Kong for this that is load balanced via Geo Steering. Now I know China is often treated very differently, so I am wondering whether China is counted as one of the Geo Steering regions (ie Northeast Asia), or would it just go to the default origin?

It’ll probably work, but if you’re a big business and you’re serious about China connectivity, check out the china network (can’t say for certain, but negotiating just China network and nothing else will likely cost less than the typical $5k/mo)

Geo-steering is based on the Cloudflare PoP the user connects to, not the location of the user. So if a China user hit the LAX PoP the Western US geo-steering would apply as that is where the LAX PoP is located.

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