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My Cloudflare was set up as part of a package when I started hosting my website with Siteground. I’m not sure which plan this opts me in for- I suppose some sort of default plan? So far I haven’t found a way to check.

Our website targets Western countries and China. Now our traffic is mostly from within China, but the page load speed is much slower than other countries. Does the default Cloudflare CDN plan include the China network? Or do I need to upgrade somehow?


Generally only Enterprise plans have access to Cloudflare’s Chinese datacentres

Accounts through partners, such as yours, often have different sets of features compared to Cloudflare’s own plans, but I’d be surprised if they came with that particular feature. The best place to ask that might be your host though.

Thanks for the response. I would also assume it doesn’t come with the feature, as its listed as an additional cost even within the Enterprise plan. Do you know if the China network is available for purchase without upgrading to Enterprise? And where can additional features be purchased?

Typically additional features can only be purchased if they are part of the plan in the first place (e.g. dedicated certificates, page rules, etc.). I somewhat doubt you can pay separately for access to the Chinese datacentres, but only Cloudflare can clarify that for sure. You best open a support ticket.

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