Child Sitemap not Shown

I am using Rankmath on my website along with Cloudflare.
The problem arises 1 month ago when my child site stopped appearing in my parent sitemap in GSC.
I have tried multiple methods but all in vain.
Can you people tell me is this due to the Cloudflare used by me.
or anybody knows the solution to it?

May I ask what kind of type is that sitemap? :thinking:
Or rather, content-type? Is it a valid one?
Can you share the URL to it?
Is Cloudflare maybe caching it?
Do you get some error shown?
Did you changed any of the features or made some new Firewall Rules, or any other security options?

Its the sitemap of an affiliate website.
I haven’t done anything to the default settings. Now i removed Cloudflare from my website to test.
The problem is that the child sitemaps are not shown in google search console although these are shown if accessed directly through link.
10besties dot com/sitemap_index.xml

I was using Cloudflare with default settings. But i have removed it now

But, you can still submit both sitemaps individually/manually, despite sitemap_index.xml file contains them? :thinking:

Might be your plugin is missing something, or the generating them “on-the-fly” takes too long, if so :thinking:

What I think is its a google crawl budget issue

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