Child Name Servers - Website & others pointing to them


I have a small hosting business on a VPS and have created Child Nameservers for the domain that also has my hosting business web site on it.

eg hostingbusiness dot com - my website. which use ns1 & ns2.hostingbusiness dot com as the NS’s
i have created nameservers ns1.hostingbusiness dot com and ns2.hostingbusiness dot com

I wanted to see if I could move my website to utilise cloudflare, but I cannot point my site ( to cloudflare NS’s as it buggers up the child name servers and all accounts on my vps (clients) stop working as they are also using ns1 &

I’m sorry if above is complicated, it is spinning my brain also - but hopefully you can see what I am trying to achieve and provide some insight. That be very appreciated.



You can simply point your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers and keep your clients’ pointed to your own nameserver.

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