Checkout caching customer data

We’ve had reports from customers that they’ve got to the checkout and it’s been populated with someone else’s details (email, phone, address etc). This has been reported by 4 or 5 customers now with the last reported occurance at 18:54 last night (04/12).

We also have an example where two orders were placed at the same time and duplicated. After reporting the wrong order to customer service the customer went back to place another order only to see her checkout populated with the details of the person who had ordered at the same time.

Not only is this super confusing to a customer but also a massive breach of GDPR compliance.

I have spoken to Kinsta but they recommended contacting Cloudflare to see if we can stop cart/checkout from being cached

Do you have “Cache Everything” active? This is not a good idea, when there are protected areas.

Disable it with Page Rules.

Thanks for the response @MarkMeyer. We do actually have page rules already setup.

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