Checkout blocked by Kaspersky

I received an email from a customer saying that their internet security (kaspersky) blocked them from going to my website checkout. I have an SSL certificate with my hosts but they’re saying that as my domain points to Cloudflare, it’s not valid. I have the following selection enabled in cloudflare:

Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the serve”

Is this enough? Or is there anything else that could be causing the block?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You should fix that certificate on your server, otherwise that won’t be really secure.

What do you mean by fix it on my server? My hosts are saying that the SSL certificate on their server which I have with them is not being used because I’m going through cloudflare. On siteground I have the full encrypts option selected so what am I supposed to fix?

Your host is pretty much wrong and obviously does not know how Cloudflare works. The certificate is used and is required.

Do you have a valid certificate on your server? If so, switch to Full strict. If not, install one. However that error message could also come from Kaspersky, which is something Cloudflare does not control.

What’s the domain?

Ok thanks, I’ll let them know.

I do have a valid SSL certificate through my host and have just changed the cloudflare settings to strict.

The domain is

The checkout loads fine for me


It most likely is an issue with that Kaspersky setup. Try disabling it.

Ok thanks for letting me know, unfortunately I can’t disable it as it’s a customer who notified me. Perhaps Kaspersky have stricter rules that block certain content.
Thanks for your help, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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