Checking your browser before accessing


I’m waiting for 1 hour to fix the problem …

Hi @coolxvid, sorry for the trouble. Is that your site? If not, you’ll need to contact the site owner and let them know you’re having issues accessing the site.

Do you have an ad blocker installed?

yes adguard adsblocker…
adblocker not problem.
I have no problem accessing other sites that use cloudflare.

Also some cookie blocking will have the same effect as it’s the cf_clearance cookie that needs to be set.

Disable and uninstall adblocker…

There was no change.

What about cookies? look and see if that site has set a cf_clearance cookie. If not, then your browser is blocking it.


What is cf_clearance? Is there any way I can solve the problem with my browser?
IE or Firefox

That is the Cloudflare cookie that is needed to pass the verification. If any of your software, browser or one of it’s plugins blocks it, you don’t get in.

I don’t think that’s the problem. Because there are no problems entering other sites that use Cloudflare.

No Cookies


Works fine if you allow cookies for that site otherwise, you’ll never get in.

I can access this site from the computer at home.
I cannot login from overseas server.

Either way, it’s not a Cloudflare issue and you’ll need to contact the VPN or proxy site whichever it may be and ask them about allowing cookies.

Thanks everyone.
The problem is caused by IE and Firefox. (66.0.2)
I’ve installed Chrome. Everything is normal.

The default settings for a new browser is to allow cookies. If you add an ad blocker or prevent cookies, the problem will return.

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I dont think this is a browser issue either, a profile issue maybe. @coolxvid, try to create a new Firefox profile and check if the issue persists.

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