Checking your browser before accessing <website>

I’ve accessed www torn com using a Fire tablet and Silk browser for just shy of 8 years. The tablet is fairly new. My router was upgraded from about 20Gb down to 70Gb down two months ago. WiFi is more stable than it was.

Two days ago, suddenly I was informed that my browser was being checked, and it took five hours to clear. It says it should take 5 seconds, and usually it does. I contacted the website, got this reply:

The Cloudflare check will loopif you are switching networks (between WiFi/mobile network), or if your router had a hiccup and decided to change the IP address, none of these are related to Torn itself. In some rare instances, it can get looped if your browser caching is bugged or if your browser is just too slow to process the JS challenge.

Try clearing your browser cache/cookies for Torn and ensure that you have a stable internet connection and the check should be cleared within 5 seconds.

I have performed all these actions. Last night before 10pm, it started looping again. 15½ hours later, it continues to loop.

Everything else (PC and phone) just works.

Can somebody please advise me definitely where my problem lies?

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It’s not just torn. No site that uses Cloudflare has opened using Silk on my Fire tablet for several days. This is a global problem that Cloudflare obviously needs to address.

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Thanks for that. It gives me a slightly warmer feeling knowing it’s not just me :grin:

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