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I was using a website called to load a list of website pages, and added my own website URL to the list. The results showed the home page of every website except mine, what showed for mine is this:

Do I have a security setting I need to tone down so this doesn’t happen? Thank you.

That challenge doesn’t show up for me, and I’m not sure what screen yours is from. It’s quite possible that it’s triggering an anti-bot setting because that’s not a normal browser view.

Take a look under Firewall (Overview) for the Firewall Events Activity Log. It should show a Challenge for that Ray ID (there’s a search filter) and the setting that triggered that challenge.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I looked in the Firewall events Activity Log, and there are two listed in the timeframe that this happened. I’m pasting pics of each below. They each mention Amazon in one spot so are they from Amazon? If so then I’m not seeing the one that caused the check your browser settings that I sent the screenshot of in my first message.

I’m not sure how to use the Ray ID on these.

I can only load one image so will send multiple messages.

message 2 of 3:

message 3 of 3

Odder yet, I tried running it again on that website and this time it worked fine with no Cloudflare message.

Was it just a fluke and I shouldn’t worry about it?

Thanks again for your help,

Unsurprisingly, it’s due to Bot Fight Mode.

Personally, I’d disregard that as it really is a bot and it’s not affecting User Experience. And…UpperRanks was finally able to get through and evaluate the page.

If it happens again and you want to manually override it, go to Firewall → Bots and turn it off while you have UpperRanks scan your site. Then turn it back on again when you’re done scanning your site.

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That sounds like a good plan, thanks so much for helping me on this!


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