"checking your browser before accessing ..." looping forever

As the title says,

Cloudfare’s checking your browser challenge loops forever.

What can I do about it?

Hi @theos.michael,

Have you tried this in an incognito/private window and on a different device to see if you can narrow down the issue?

Solved it.

Adblock was the issue, you have to disable Adblock and leave it disabled, the test can take much longer than 5 seconds to clear.

Thanks for letting us know!

I did try multiple browsers, but as you can expect they all use Adblock.

@theos.michael, out of curiosity, what adblocker are you using?
If you block or don’t persist cookies, you’ll get the challenge over and over and if you block javascript the page won’t redirect. Not sure why an adblocker would interfere with this, unless you’re using a more generic content blocker like uMatrix.

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@mdemoura I’m using Adblock Plus.

I don’t block cookies/persistence, and I do allow JavaScript by default.

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