Checking your browser before... - A script on this page is causing web browser to run slowly?


Please take a look:

From some time I am getting something like that very often. Would someone tell me what is going on?

Thank you

This is a problem with Internet explorer, which is being phased out by Microsoft. You should either use Chrome, Firefox, or the new Microsoft Edge.


I do not think that this is IE problem. Site working very well in it - faster then in modern browsers - the problem is before site is loaded - because of cloudflare script.

I understood protection and I can solve captcha and so on, but why cf use my CPU power.
Does cf use my CPU power for Bitcoin Mining or what?

It’s just a test.

This challenge passage is either because the site owner has increased the level of security to prevent bots from accessing the site, or your home IP address has shown suspicious behavior.

By having your browser run a script, it demonstrates you’re not a mindless crawler or bot that’s a threat to the site.

If you disagree with having to pass this challenge, you’ll have to contact the site owner about their use of this feature.

I understand the reason for bots protection. But before this was simple 5 second and page loaded - now it takes more time and sometimes gives this message. Not always… So, I suspect that CF script has some problem - which manifests only sometimes…
Sometimes it takes a really long time before the page loads - the page refreshing could be observed several times during this process.

As @Judge already hinted, that is most likely an incompatibility between IE and that script.

Which IE version are you running? Generally, however, I would strongly recommend to upgrade to a more modern browser, such as Firefox

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Please take a look ie

Unfortunately, my laptop is really old and using modern browser is not comfortable.

IE 8 has been out of support for two years. You should definitely upgrade your browser and most likely your whole operating system. You seem to be running either Vista or 7 and neither is an officially supported system at this point.

I am afraid the the only reasonable suggestion is to upgrade aforementioned systems.


Well, this will requires a new PC.

However, I am still able to load the site (with problems, but…) and it works very well when loaded.
Do cf plan to block completely my browser and my system in the near future?

This is sad that cf treats people badly because of their’s old PC.

OK. I understood - I need to buy new PC or ask page owner to disable cf.
Thank you.
Please feel free to close this support topic. Thank you for your explanation.


This is a tad off-topic here, but which configuration is that? Most machines should run Windows 10 just fine (drivers might be an issue). Also, which operating system are you running?

Nobody “treats people badly” because of their system configuration but JavaScript engines in IE 8 and current browsers are quite different and nobody can support old versions forever.

Again, which operating system and what hardware is it?


My laptop ASUS f3sg Windows 7

Depending on the installed memory that machine should run Windows 10 probably just fine, but you’d need to check drivers.

Anyhow, for starters you should upgrade the browser. As mentioned earlier I would highly recommend Download Firefox for Desktop — from Mozilla

It’s not because you have an old PC, its because you have not installed an update in a decade. Chrome, Firefox and IE11 will happily run on Windows 7, and support most of the modern web.

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