Checking to see if Cloudflare is blocking the REST API

I have a free Cloudflare account.

I’m having trouble with my WP site.

I Googled and read somewhere that “Checking to see if Cloudflare is blocking the REST API”. Something about the firewall may be inadvertently blocking legitimate requests.) And “Check your Rule Set to determine if the REST API is being blocked, and disable rules as necessary to let it through.”

What does it mean, in layman terms? Where should I look for this in my Cloudflare account?

Thanks for any input. This WP problem is annoying.

It’s easier to check the Firewall tab and scroll down to look at the Events Log. That would show if requests are being blocked, and which Rule/Setting is doing it.

Thx! This Firewall tab, is it in my Cloudflare account, or something on my computer? (I have a Windows PC.)

OK, It’s inside Cloudlfare. Found it. However, it all seems to be blank. Cannot find “Events Log”.

Hm, seems it’s unavailable for us with free accounts:
“Cloudflare Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers benefit from Firewall Analytics and the Activity log of firewall events in the Firewall app under the Overview tab”.
Well, I’ll continue with my WordPress advanture.

Free accounts get a basic Firewall Events list right in the overview section of Firewall. In fact, that’s all I get in that section.

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