Checking reverse dns setup

presume not a Cloudflare issue but would like to confirm.

quick history

  • internal server with a mail forwarder setup died
  • quick answer set up iredmail on ubuntu vm so we have means of email for services that don’t need a o365 account and would in theory give a better service than original
  • but some older domains are bouncing mail eg tiscali btconnect ntlworld due to reverse dns missing
  • we have a leased line with a static ip

we are only using Cloudflare for domain registration no sites as these are elsewhere for now therefore on free account.

main question is - is it A, possible to set up reverse dns on Cloudflare free account. B, is this the line providers issue? I have a ticket raised but this is through a middleman so taking time

I followed a guide I found which says use free account but there is still a message saying nameserver update pending

no expert so if it is possible then presume i got something wrong?

my setup :
connection ip - a. b. c. 6 on a / 30 network
network - a. b. c. 4
broadcast - a. b. c. 7
mailserver on internal address x. y. z.15

what i added :
setup new site at Cloudflare 4-30.c. b. a. in-addr. arpa
with single record of
ptr name 6 content mailserver . ourdomain . uk dns only

altered A record on main domain for mailserver to proxied
mx record for main domain still at DNS only.

any time given appreciated thanks in advance

ok so apologies didn’t see any notification of response and topic closed therefore creating new topic with same request in order to respond to Laudian’s comment below.

" I hope you don’t take this personal, but if you don’t know whom to contact to change your reverse-DNS, then it is likely a bad idea to operate your own mailserver.

Without really knowing what to do, you can easily spend hundreds of hours on a mailserver setup, and that is not even including ongoing efforts for spam protection etc.
And in the end, it is still likely that you end up hosting a zombie mailserver that spams or get your address spoofed.

If you are a business, you should definitely not try to host your own mailserver without a system administrator that really knows what he’s doing.

To answer some of your questions:
nameserver update pending is something you fix by going to whoever you bought the domain from and change the nameservers with the ones provided by Cloudflare.
To change your reverse-DNS, you need to contact your internet service provider (or in general, whoever owns the ip address).
Also, you will need to have a look at DKIM and DMARC and spf. You will definitely need to add those records as well. If you are using iRedMail, then the setup will probably (I never used iRedMail) prompt you to enter these records for all your domains."

so not our main mailserver we have 365 for that.
this is for internal use copier scans, notifications etc but one job i found out it has to do is send out payslips inbound mail not allowed on this domain. dkim dmarc etc all good. but there are a couple of ISP’s refusing to accept mail without rdns.
previously i have had ngc/gamma set rdns up as suggested above but…
current isp-gamma are saying its not something they do as it should be done within dns and also there are guides on how to do it within Cloudflare which i have followed. which is where the confusion has begun. the idiots guide to rdns under Cloudflare suggests setting up a new domain as your rdns but this requests for nameserver update which you can’t seemingly do?

and yes i take it personally in fact I am deeply hurt(honest) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:IT admin/manager has payed bills for 30 years+ (for those who remember company email by dial up) but rdns has only been necessary twice in that time.

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