Checking network header shows "Cache control: no-cache", thought it is set in Nginx. Is CF setting overriding?

I have caching headers set up in Nginx, but checking the browser inspector for network header shows “Cache control: no-cache”.

I think something in my CF setup must be overriding it, but not sure why. For Cache Rules, I have this one set up for the domain:
( eq “”) or ( eq “”)

… and it “Eligible for cache” is set, as well as for Edge TTL, “Use cache-control header if present, use default Cloudflare caching behavior if not” and for Browser TTL, “Respect origin TTL”.

For the overall Caching Configuration, Caching Level is Standard, and Browser Cache TTL is 4 hours.

The Network header shows this for CF:
Cf-Cache-Status: BYPASS
Cf-Edge-Cache: no-cache

How can I get the server cache settings to work as it should, since the CF setting is to respect the origin?