Checking Name Servers for over 24 hours

My account has been saying “Cloudflare is now checking the nameservers for _______. Please wait a few hours for an update” for well over 24 hours now. When will this be fixed?

When you update your nameservers at your registrar to the pair provided by Cloudflare.

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I’m pretty new to this, is that a normal thing to see? I started this process Saturday and am looking to continue with the process of setting up my site. What should be the next step moving forward to get everything set up. Maybe the video explaining how to do everything confused me but it looked like they didn’t get that issue after a few hours.

actually I believe it is my fault. I put the custom name servers into google domains but never actually confirmed to use the custom settings. Was still on default. Will update in a few hours.

Sounds like you were able to get your domain added then?

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